Selling a Business

Why would a business owner want to list their business?

EMICS actually understands how to sell your business.

A successful business owner has proven what he does well.   We sell businesses it’s our “business”. Attempting to find the right buyer and negotiate on your own almost always ends up;

  • Costing you time
  • Costing you money
  • And in the worst cases, costing you a good buyer.

There are so many factors to sell a business confidentially for the highest possible price. There will be obstacles in your way throughout the process, any single impasse creates a challenge when there isn’t a professional intermediary involved who has already been there and understands how to navigate through the inevitable problems.  Having an experienced intermediary involved will allow the space and experience that are required to get everyone to the finish line. It’s been demonstrated time and time again, a business properly represented is a far more valuable and is far more likely to get the business sold.


Why would a business owner list their business for a full year?

Most listing contracts tie a business up for a full year with no guarantee that the business will actually ever be sold. “EMICS contracts are for 180 days.  If we don’t bring you real buyers who are actually qualified to buy your business in 90 days, you are under no further obligation.”

If Business Brokers have many qualified buyers, why does it take so long for a real buyer to seriously review my business offering?

There are far more qualified buyers than good businesses available. There are a large number of investors actively seeking businesses to buy. “EMICS presents your business proposition to real buyers, fast.  You will understand if they want to buy your business and if not, why not?”

Why would a business owner want to share confidential information about their business with anyone who has not signed a strict confidentiality agreement?

Many business brokerages share business information with other brokers, unknown advisors and others on the deal sidelines who are not required to maintain confidentiality. “Emics works directly with and qualifies real buyers and real investors, no confidential information is shared with anyone who does not sign a strict confidentiality agreement.”

Why would anyone list their business when they can sell it using Emics Advisors?

Our process is unique; we understand and reflect the urgency of your goals.  Unlike other business brokers we answer the important questions early on Like where will the money come from?  We specialize in working with both investors and SBA lenders and really pre- qualify your business.

Utilizing SBA lenders a buyer can come in with as little as 10% down and some investors will consider all cash acquisitions increasing the pool of buyers allowing you to get the most cash possible at closing.