About Us

Emics Advisors

Emics advisors combine their years of business knowledge with the experience in a proven process to successfully manage your business sale transaction. We are very empathetic to your circumstances as a seller or as a buyer.  Our experience has taught us to be brutally honest but creative and resourceful to accomplish the goal of a successful transaction. We are experts and we work with expert strategic partners for what is normally one of the most important transactions in a buyer and seller’s lives.

EMICS Advisors have many years of business ownership experience and have been involved personally in many successful business sale transactions.

What We Do

Sell Your Business:

Selling your business is a process. We help to maximize value, identify qualified buyers in the shortest possible time, while using the utmost discretion.  Our process is designed to sell your business confidentially, for the highest possible price as quickly as possible.  There is no magic to selling your business, it requires your business value to be understood and the steps that can improve value and marketability to be clear and taken wherever possible.  You don’t need to be told what you want to hear, you need to understand what needs to be done.

There is a right way and a wrong way to make this happen. At EMICS we only do it one way, the right way- “The EMICS Way”

Help you acquire a profitable business:

Most buyers, particularly entrepreneurs are used to doing things on their own; They usually understand professionals are frequently required and can add value and expertise in their area of focus.  However business brokerage can be murky and is not always clearly understood; professional, experienced brokers can be hard to find.   Most brokers sell from a published inventory accessed by literally hundreds of brokers. Sometimes that process can work but at EMICS we understand that the best business opportunities are frequently ones that are unpublished or may have been exposed to many buyers prior to their being accessible.  

For a buyer, we understand this process can work but it can be very frustrating and is often a waste of his or her time. There is a better way to find the rare business opportunity and to be first in line. At EMICS we only do it one way, the right way- “The Emics Way”.

Selling a business is a process. We help business owners maximize the value of their companies and help sellers determine if now or later makes better sense of more likely to meet the owners objectives.


Business Valuation 

Valuing a business is more than taking cash flow and multiplying it by a rule of thumb.

Two businesses with the exact same historical cash flow can be worth significantly different amounts of money.  The same business can be worth more to one buyer or group than another.  A business with a good funding plan can be worth substantially more than a business without one. A business that has undergone good pre sale analysis and takes steps to improve value and marketability can sell for much more and much faster than one that has not.  

At EMICS we understand business value and help business owners take an active role in improving business value so that the business can be sold at maximum value, fast.

Preparing a Business for Sale

Preparing a business for sale is a process that is similar to preparing your business to being held forever.  Buyers want to buy sustainable future earnings. If current earnings are problematic, maximizing business value requires a solid plan to improve and grow earnings that can begin now and be continued by a new owner.  Solid earnings need to have a plan to transition and continue to grow after the transition of a sale including understanding and presenting a plan to fund future growth plans and expectations.

At EMICS we understand that buyers don’t buy a business to reward you for your past performance, rather they acquire a business for its future earnings and its potential to reward them after they acquire the business.  No one understands your business and its attributes better than you but experienced professionals can help you capture that understanding and communicate how that translates into future expectations that a good buyer will buy and a funding resource will fund.

No one understands your business better than you but an experienced emics professional will help you understand current market conditions and how your business translates into it.